Master class with Michael Balle i Ålesund

31 aug 10:00 - 31 aug 15:00 Legg til kalender

A company is its products and services. The true power of lean is in its potential to leverage value for customers by mastering value analysis - the improvement of engineering of products currently in production - and value engineering - the improvement of the next generation of products from what is learned from customer reactions and current production issues.


Lean is a unique management approach that focuses on what people think, not just what they do, and how they learn. Lean production's focus on solving manufacturing problems creates a stream of learning opportunities in engineering. In the lean perspective, production is the test bench for engineering - where value, both in terms of built-in quality and overall cost, is designed into the product.


In this one-day master class, participants simulate a start-up with a new product, and seek to make it profitable through one-by-one changes in the production process, following the PDCA method. In doing so, however, they discover hidden engineering problems which they have to resolve in order to build a better, more profitable product. This learning will prepare them for a sudden market shift and the need to offer a new product designed from scratch.


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