Bryan Egner

Dag 1: Parallelt spor kl 1130:1300
Bryan Egner er Drug Product Delivery Lead, R&D Supply Chain i AstraZeneca.

Han bidrar i sesjon sammen med Hexagon Ragasco.

Foredraget er på engelsk

"How Lean catalysed a transformation of my career at the innovation driven pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca

Abstract: This presentation describes my personal story of implementing Lean Sigma at AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal.  A nine year journey which has taken me from my employment as a research chemist in Preclinical Drug Discovery to a project leader within the R&D Supply Chain delivering clinical trial products to patients around the world.  The intention is to inspire you with tales of my experiences and lessons as well as taking a look to the future in my capacity as Continuous Improvement Network Lead.

Special Attention will be brought to DMAIC, Visual Planning, Data Capture, Root Cause Analysis, Atlassian Ship-It Days, Kaizen events, Engagement, Facilitation and Coaching.

Applicable to all branches with experiences and reflections coming from both research and manufacturing industries".

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