Peter Totterdill

Dag 2: Plenum kl 0900:1100
Peter Totterdill, Chief Executive, UK Work Organisation Network Director, Workplace Innovation Limited.

"Bringing Productivity, innovation and wellbeing together in the European workplace"

Does your organisation take people seriously? If it does, then that's great!

It may even be amongst the small  minority of companies in Europe where people can use all their skill, knowledge, experience and ability to innovate at work. They're the organisations that enjoy productivity levels above the average, higher rates of innovation and better levels of health and mental well-being. They also know that fully engaging staff is about more than just a soft and cuddly HR gesture. Involvement and empowerment have to run throughout an organisation's culture and practice. So how do they do it? And if we know that it works, why isn't everyone doing it?

Workplace Innovation: The Fifth Element - om medarbeiderdrevet innovasjon.

Se også Anthony Kallevig, LO, fortelle om viktigheten av medarbeiderdrevet innovasjon.

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